Neurosolve at 2024 Veterinary Association of Zambia Annual Scientific Conference

The Zambian NeuroSolve Principal Investigator, Prof. Evans K. Mwape, attended the 2024 Veterinary Association of Zambia Annual Scientific Conference, held from 24th to 26th April 2024 in Livingstone (Zambia), and gave an oral presentation sharing the NeuroSolve project, its objectives, implementation plan and expected outcomes. The presentation was titled “Implementation of Superior Treatment Regimen and Improved patient pathway for neurocysticercosis in sub-Saharan Africa – The NeuroSolve Project” (Picture 1).

The presentation was well received and in line with the conference theme (which was “Veterinarians are essential health workers”), as the project was a good example of the collaboration between health and veterinarians in a one health programme. A discussion on the control of cysticercosis in pigs ensued with attendants wondering what can be done in the intermediate host in terms of treatment or vaccination.

The 2024 Conference was opened by the Republican President of Zambia, Mr Hakainde Hichilema. This was a huge milestone for the Veterinary Association of Zambia, as it was the first time the President of the country was opening this conference (Pictures 2 & 3).

Picture 1: Evans giving the presentation.

Picture 2: The President officially opening the 2024  VAZ Scientific Conference.

Picture 3: Photo session with the Zambian Republican President.

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