Leading role in Work Packages 2

Capacity Building

Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA) is a public University based in Morogoro Tanzania, founded in 1984. SUA is best known for offering courses and programmes widely in a field of Agriculture, Veterinary Science, Veterinary Public Health sciences, Animal Science, Environmental Science, Nutrition, Rural Development since its establishment. Prof. Helena A Ngowi is an Associate Professor at the Department of Veterinary Medicine and Public Health, specializing in veterinary public health. She has worked extensively in health promotion approaches to control parasitic zoonoses, with particular focus on Taenia solium taeniasis /cysticercosis (TSTC) complex. Prof. Ngowi has conducted several high-profile studies on porcine cysticercosis, including various field trials for control of TSTC in Tanzania. Helena Ngowi has developed different community health education materials for T. solium control, including leaflets, booklets, posters and video programmes. She collaborates in various multidisciplinary research projects and has to date published >80 scientific articles, including review articles and book chapters. Currently, Prof. Ngowi is the coordinator of Cysticercosis Network of Sub-Saharan Africa (CYSTINET-Africa), a health research network funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF 2016-2022) that uses a one health approach in research and control of T. solium infections. Helena Ngowi has successfully led several donors funded projects with funding rates ranging from USD 100,000 to EUR 1,539,198. Helena Ngowi and Bernard Ngowi have collaborated and are collaborating in DFG and BMBF funded projects, respectively. Therefore, H Ngowi will uniquely contribute to the aspect of qualitative research and qualitative research approaches, which are key in the proposed project. Her positive experience in managing grants is an additional strength for successful implementation of the proposed project.